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Why an NG TF?


Why build a Kit Car?
(The background to the madness!)

Some years ago I saw an advert for NG cars in Practical Motorist and immediately fell in love with the flowing lines and classic style. From then I harboured a desire to build one. The thought of owning a vehicle so unusual and the satisfaction of having built it myself are the two things which fuelled my desire.

I started visiting NG's web site and, after my work circumstances changed, I began to believe in the possibility of attempting the project. After swapping e-mails with the man who ran NG at the time, John, I dragged my wife off with our caravan at the end of October 2000 to Surrey so that we could visit the company which was then situated in Epsom. After what must have been the windiest night of the year, we arrived at NG to be shown the demonstrator cars.

Why an NG TF? I fell in love with the TF model all over again as we talked about the practicalities of building one. I had only seen pictures up to this time but now I could see the superb quality and finish in the flesh. The only niggle at the back of my mind was how on earth would I persuade, cajole or otherwise press-gang my beloved into thinking it was a good idea!

Then John offered me a ride. I was surprised at the comfortable springing Ė not at all choppy, as I had expected. With sporty performance it was tremendous fun (even though it was a little windy) and it was impossible not to grin from ear to ear. Then John offered my wife a ride and she came back with a big smile too. From then on, she presumed I would be building one so I didnít have to convince her after all!

What is so special about the NG TF?