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Gear Knob

August 2005 (Correction)

This was the first actual correction needed. I rather liked the look of the wooden gear knob I originally fitted (photo 1). However, as soon as the weather became warmer the plastic insert, which is self-threaded onto the gear lever, softened and eventually the knob kept coming loose – usually in the most embarrassing situations! 

I noticed another NG owner had fitted a round aluminium knob which was held on with a grub screw which I thought would be a good idea. I first tried to fit a grub screw to the wooden knob but without success so I decided to source an aluminium one too. While I prefer the softer look of the wooden one, the aluminium one does match the steering wheel and the handbrake and it is also much more secure (photo 2). 

As the knob fits much lower on the gear lever, it initially looked too stubby so I obtained another MGB gear lever which I cut slightly longer than the original to compensate. I also drilled a slight indentation in it for the grub screw to locate positively. The knob has been rock solid since and has improved gear changes enormously.

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