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Fuel Filler

October 2006, May 2007 (Improvements)
Filler Hose (2006)

The fuel filler hose I originally fitted (photo 1) was a flexible reinforced one (57mm or 2¼” dia). It was an easy option at the time, being convenient to fit. However, I found that it was not very durable. With items frequently put in and out of the boot (not least the hood & tonneau), the outer wall of the hose had worn thin and exposed the reinforcing wire. I also sometimes noticed a slight smell of petrol from inside the car after filling up.

I have now removed the flexible hose and instead have cut down a standard MGB angled filler pipe (metal – part no. AHH6281 – a second hand one is fine for this). This elbow has been fitted with two straight sections of thick fuel hose (from Europa NH57) to connect it to the filler and the tank respectively (photo 2). This is much more sturdy and I have not noticed the petrol smell since.

Filler Cap (2007)

After the filler hose modification, during a long run the NG began to suffer fuel starvation and cut out. I remembered that I had recently noticed suction when removing the petrol cap to fill up so this was the first thing I checked. A powerful vacuum had formed and it took a hefty pull to release the cap. The engine then ran fine. I had been under the impression that the cap was vented but my investigations proved otherwise. I discovered a seal on the central spindle and removed it in the hope that a tiny amount of air would be able to seep past to vent the tank. The trouble has not recurred.

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