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Windscreen Replacement

April 2010, October 2012 (Correction)

While on holiday in the Wye Valley, a stone from a lorry passing the other way flew up and caused a shatter mark (photo 1) to appear on the windscreen. I managed to persuade my insurance company to allow me to take the screen to Brasscraft (who make the complete NG SVA type windscreens) to have a replacement glass fitted while I waited (pre-arranged of course).


The framed screen is fairly easy to remove from the car by just removing one screen pillar. It is easiest to remove the passenger side.

  1. Remove the glove box insert (photo 2)

  2. Remove the side mirror (and side screens if fitted) from the screen pillar (photo 3)

  3. Release and undo the 3 fixings at the base of the pillar (two are screws & nuts and one is a set screw into the base of the pillar (photo 4)

  4. Remove the two screws holding the side pillar onto the screen frame. Be careful to support the latter as the pillar is removed (photo 5)

  5. It is now be possible to ease the screen frame across and away from the other pillar

Refitting is (in true Haynes style) a reversal of these steps.

At Brasscraft I was able to see the method for replacing the glass in the screen frame.

  1. First there are some screws to remove in the frame edge (photo 6)

  2. A sash cramp is used to ease the lower section of frame away from the rest (photo 7)

  3. The glass can then be eased out of the top part of the frame (photo 8)

  4. The new glass edge is wrapped with a rubber seal (photo 9)

  5. This is then eased into the top part of the frame (photo 10)

  6. The cramp is used again to (gently) push the glass home into the frame (photo 11)

  7. The bottom section is fitted, again using the cramp to ease it on bit by bit (photo 12)

  8. Once the screws have been re-fitted, the rubber seal is trimmed at a slight angle flush against the frame (photo 13)

  9. Finally everything was cleaned up!

All that remained was to refit it to the car.


When a small stone chip appeared a couple of years later, I had to repeat the whole process as the chip was too near the screen edge to be repaired by a windscreen specialist. So Dobby is now on his 3rd glass!

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