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Luggage Rack

October 2005 (Addition)

This is a simple, practical addition - albeit an expensive one. The stainless steel rack as supplied by NG is specially designed to fit over the spare wheel and looks attractive with sloping top legs, four longitudinal rails and a case support bar at the bottom. 

There are four fixings to be drilled through the rear ‘boot’ panel and tap washers make suitable cushions for these with large plain washers on the inside. The lower fixings have wing nuts and the upper fixings are hinged so that the rack can swing up for the spare wheel to be removed. 

The price of over £350 is enough to make one think twice, however, and many owners decide to use other solutions. One possibility is to use a standard rack with extender legs but removing the spare wheel can be a problem unless some modification is made. For me it was a case of ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.

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