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1 Manuals & Reference

Manuals & Reference Material

In order to familiarise myself with what was involved in the build I obtained:

  • The NG Build Manual from NG Cars (around 100 A4 pages in a ring file). This is, of course, essential and the £20 cost was refunded when I purchased the chassis.

  • The MGB Haynes Workshop manual (No. 111 - available from Halfords, etc.). This I also consider essential as it contains MGB related instructions, settings and data.

  • The Moss Parts Catalogue available free from Moss Europe Ltd. This is extremely useful as it contains exploded diagrams of all MGB parts and part numbers.

  • The MGB Hive Catalogue available free from MGB Hive

  • The MG Owners' Club Spares & Accessories Catalogue available free from the MG Owners Club

Also Interesting - The Kit Car Manual

Haynes published a book in May 2003 called The Kit Car Manual (H962) by Iain Ayre. Having read this, I can recommend it as a good, informative book with a light-hearted approach and plenty of useful tips. It includes a wide variety of kit cars but cannot, therefore, go into a lot of detail about individual aspects of building a particular kit. Personally I would think of this book more as a guide than a manual - in fact the cover of the book says it is "The complete guide to choosing, buying and building British and American kit cars". I guess that's about right!

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