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16 Wheels & Hubs

Wire Wheels

Wire wheels, in my opinion, beautifully complement the classic looks of the NG TF. As my donor MGB was a steel wheel model, I needed to carry out Hub Conversions to take the centre lock wire wheels.

After comparing some prices, I purchased a set of 5 wheels from MGB Hive complete with tyres, fitted and balanced. The wheels are MGC size (15" x 5.5"), chrome with stainless steel spokes and shod with Firestone F-590 tyres (185/65 x 15). The eared spinners shown here are not SVA compliant so must be replaced before the test. It is a good idea to use spinner savers to protect eared spinners when tightening or loosening them.

Eared Spinners

Although not SVA compliant (see SVA Particulars), eared spinners look the part! Spinner Savers can be purchased but my neighbour very kindly made one for me (photo 2) - thanks Les! Otherwise a soft faced hammer may be used to knock on/off the spinner. A special hammer is available with a hide and copper head.

Octagonal Spinners

Octagonal spinners are also not SVA compliant (although they have been known to pass) but arguably are more practical and secure. A close fitting spanner is available for positive tightening (photo 3).

Spare Wheel

The spare wheel is mounted on the sloping back of the body tub (see Tail End in Bodywork section).

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