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Build Stages - Overview

This section of the web site is devoted to the actual build up of the car. The items on the Build Stages menu follow more or less chronologically. The main stages of building the kit car were as follows.


This first stage involved the reading of manuals, preparing the garage and obtaining some MGB donor parts.

Rolling Chassis

The second stage was to build up the supplied chassis frame with suspensionrear axlesteering and brakes into a “rolling chassis”. The engine and gearbox were added to this, then the fuel system, brake pipes and parts of the cooling system.


The third stage was to add the body tub, wingsbonnet and windscreen. Only after this, did it look anything like a car. Proper wheels and tyres were also put on at this stage to replace the old temporary ones. Next was the wiring up of all the electrics and the fitting of the dashboard and lights. The complete body was disassembled, so it could be painted professionally, and then reassembled adding the interior trim and seats.

Legalising & Finishing

The final stage was to put the car through MOT, SVA and registration. A hood and side screens were then added to enable the car to be used in all weathers. 

Although, in theory, this completes the build, there always seem to be some improvements or modifications which can be done. A separate section is devoted to these.

Please use the Build Stages menu to select a build stage.

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