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2 Workspace

Otherwise known as the garage!

The first job was to make the garage into a more suitable workspace:

  • The lighting was improved by using low energy bulbs and adding two fluorescent strip lights.

  • The concrete floor was repaired with a strong but wet concrete mix, with some PVA added.

  • The floor was then sealed with International* Concrete Sealer.

  • The floor was given two coats (first one thinned slightly) of International* Garage Floor Paint.


The painting has produced a good dust free surface which is relatively easy to keep clean.

*Note International is part of the AkzoNobel group which includes Dulux.

The Ramp

As the build progressed, the rolling chassis became more difficult to push back into my garage as there was quite a steep slope. It is also likely there would be grounding problems once the exhaust and full weight were on the car. I needed to make up the ramp to the garage as shown in photos 2 & 3.

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