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Dobby's Stories

1. Dobby's Great Escape (June 2010)
2. Dobby Moves Again (December 2010)
3. Dobby's New Garage (June 2011)
4. Dobby's Wedding Day (January 2012)
5. Dobby goes to Holland (October 2012)
6. Dobby has a Nose Job (January 2014)
7. Dobby's 10th Birthday (October 2014)
8. Dobby the Teenager gets Exhausted (October 2017)
9. Dobby gets Out and About (October 2018)
10. Dobby's Revenge (June 2019)
11. Dobby goes to Scotland (February 2020)

Dobby has written several stories about himself which have been published in the NG Owners' Club magazine ChangiNGear. I've included them here in case you would like to read them.

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