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2. Dobby Moves Again

(December 2010)

Some of you (well one or two anyway) were kind enough to say you enjoyed my little story in the June issue of ChangiNGear so I think I ought to pursue my career in writing by sharing some more of my ‘adventures’ with you.

After my spring escape, things became much more normal although I never really got used to my new home with no windows – really creepy!

My master did make good on his promise though and we went to the Wye Valley for a little Easter break where I made friends with an E-Type, an Alpine and a BGT. Haring around the country roads and up into the Welsh hills was great fun but I did get into a bit of a mess! Some of the roads were slim, pock-marked and carried the drainage from the fields so to say I needed a bath on my return was an understatement. Still, it was worth it – especially when I dived through a deeper than visible puddle and my master and mistress were nicely wetted. There was one battle scar I picked up, however – a sizeable windscreen chip. My master soon sorted that out on my return; he whisked off the screen and took it to Brasscraft where the nice man replaced the glass.


I didn’t get my usual full Easter service this year but my master did a half-hearted effort in June. He said I haven’t done so many miles this year so some things can wait. I must admit it wasn’t easy for us both to squeeze into the garage and, as the driveway was rather steep, I didn’t particularly want to do a skateboard impression on the trolley jack!


As well as becoming a bit of a writer, I’m thinking of going into modelling but my master tells me I’m getting big hooded. We had a call from Complete Kit Car wanting to do an article on building an NG. They were looking for someone with lots of build photos and that was something my master had plenty of. So after a long discussion on the phone and sending in the photos, an article appeared in the July CKC. My master said it was very good but I can’t read very well; I just look at the pictures. Then they said they would like to do a follow up about what I was like to drive and live with and they wanted to take their own photos (I don’t blame them, my master is not a good photographer). I was in my element, posing in front of the St Albans Abbey Gateway just by where my master works; it caused quite a stir with several people watching me. Some of the photos appeared in the August CKC.


This year hasn’t been bad then overall; I have been to about 10 events of one sort or another, the highlight (of course) being the NGOC rally in early July but I have also missed quite a few events as my family has moved again so there has been lots to do this year.


Talk about the sublime and the ridiculous! My last garage had no windows; now I have no garage at all! We moved just around the corner in July to a lovely (least I haven’t seen inside) bungalow. To give my master his due he did arrange for the utility room to be quickly reverted to the garage but it’s far too small to work on me in there. He has all his tools and spares in there for now anyway so I can’t even get my nose in (I have blown my exhaust over his new clean garage door though to mark my territory). He has promised for me to have a new garage built behind the existing one and we are hoping the builder will start soon.


It was lovely in the summer months sitting outside watching the world go by and the other cars come and go. I feel part of the family again as I am frequently used but I normally keep my hood up now the weather is less reliable. I do hope the garage is started soon though. I’m not afraid of the cold weather but the snow is not something I have experienced firsthand.


Last weekend my master covered up my top half with a car cover – all the wrong shape for my lovely lines of course but I was really glad of it when the white fluffy stuff settled on top! So I’ve been sitting here shivering for the last week but peeping out from under the cover watching the passersby slip and slide their way along the pavement. It can’t be that difficult can it? I’m itching to go for a spin in the snow but my master says I might spin right round. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.


Anyway, he’s put up some lights along the gutter of the bungalow to help me feel Christmassy. I hope next time I will have a new garage I’ll be able to tell you about.



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