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19 Lighting

Note: for wiring details see Electrical System


Part of the body pack supplied by NG are two GRP headlamp bowls which were mounted on the front wings at the ends of the badge bar. The supplied Wipac headlamps (with H4 bulbs) were fitted with screws into these bowls and chrome rims added (see Lighting Particulars for more details).

Front Side Lights

These are contained within the headlamp units so just needed wiring in.

Front Indicators

These are torpedo type units which were bolted onto the top of the front wings. I was not entirely happy with the screws which secure the lenses so I replaced them with stainless steel button head ones (having re-tapped the thread). Indicator repeaters were also fitted (a tight push fit) just below the front windscreen securing screw.


Rear Lights

There are 2 main options given in the build manual for setting out the rear lights and some variations of these are possible. "Option 1" places the main lights on the valance and the reflectors on the wings. The fog and reversing lights then have to be mounted under the valance (but not too low). I chose "option 2" which mounts the tail/brake lights and indicators in a light pod fitted to the wing (see Rear Light Pods). This leaves more space for the other lights to be arranged.


Tail & Brake Lights

I used the supplied Lucas style units (which have a nice chrome ring). They have dual filament 5/21w bulbs and 3 wires (one being earth). They are relatively simple to fit and wire up.


Rear Indicators

Again I used the supplied Lucas style units but only wired in the 21w filaments.


Number Plate Lights

These are mounted on the rear valance and (obviously) sufficient space must be left between them for a standard number plate (524mm x 112mm). The standard screws have hexagonal heads which are not suitable for the SVA test so I replaced them with chrome round head 2BA screws (I couldn't find stainless 2BA ones).

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