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Heater Return Pipe

May 2005, January 2024 (Improvements)
Heater Return Pipe (2005)

This is a mainly cosmetic modification, although it does make removal of the rocker cover easier when adjusting the valves. The heater return pipe normally runs over the top of the rocker cover (photo 1) but, having decided to fit a nice alloy cover, the pipe looked a bit of an eyesore so I re-routed it and made an attractive alternative.

I used a piece of chrome plated 15mm copper tube (as used in plumbing) about 520mm in length and this was curved through 90° at one end (using a bending spring). 

It was then fixed with p-clips to a bracket fabricated from some 25mm angle aluminium (photo 2) and mounted on the inlet mainfold.

The result is much less intrusive (photo 3) especially when it comes to adjusting the valves.

Heater Return Hose (2024)

When replacing the silicon hoses with rubber ones, I found it difficult to push the heater hose onto the copper tube (heater return pipe). I decided instead to simply use a longer return hose (photo 4), still routed through (larger) p-clips, which also reduced the number of potential leakage points.

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