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8 Braking System

As the braking system is so important, I am using all new or reconditioned parts. There is also a fair amount of detail to include so there are separate additional pages for

The existing MGB pedal box was re-painted and new master cylinders obtained. The clutch cylinder is standard MGB but the brake cylinder is supplied by NG as it must have dual circuit brakes. Notice the remote plastic reservoir and the three outlets to feed the rear and two front brakes separately. This master cylinder is slightly longer than the pedal box and so requires an extra hole in the bulkhead with a grommet fitted. I also decided to fabricate my own design of bracket for the pedal return springs (see Pedals & Pedal Box).

A new copper brake pipe kit was obtained and a brake pipe was run from the brake master cylinder to feed the rear brakes. This passes down the footwell front and follows the chassis to the rear floor of the body tub. Here a flexible hose connects it to the rear axle union (see Rear Brakes).

Adjusting and Bleeding

Adjustment of the rear brakes and handbrake are as described in the Haynes Workshop Manual. Bleeding of the brakes was only carried out after painting and re-building had taken place.

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