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8.1 Front Brakes

Reconditioned callipers were purchased and all other front brake parts were bought new - discs, stainless steel dust covers, a set of pads & stainless hoses (supplied with the Spax damper kit). These are all standard MGB items.

The discs & covers were fitted at the same time as the new wire wheels. This is because the discs bolt to the hubs which are different for wire wheel models (see Hub Conversions). The callipers were fitted in the usual way with new locking tabs and I smeared a little copper grease on the back of each pad to help abolish brake squeal.

Brake Pipe Run and Front Hose

The flexible hoses were connected to the callipers and a p-clip was added to secure each hose to the rear of the cross member (circled in photo 2). From the new copper brake pipe kit, the front brake pipes were routed to the bulkhead underneath then along the insides of the chassis rails and are clipped with the supplied clips using the pre-drilled holes.

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