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Rear Light Covers

January 2006 (Correction)

This is the second correction needed. The rear lights are fitted in ‘pods’ on the rear wings (photo 1) but are right in line with spray from the rear wheels. After only a few months, a rear light failed and, on changing the bulb, I found the fitting and bulb both already heavily corroded as a result of water penetration.

I therefore decided to make covers (photo 2) to fit inside the wheel arch to protect the replacement light fittings from the road spray. It was not easy to find somewhere to attach the plates so I fabricated a bracket to fit over the studs of the upper (indicator) light fitting (photo 3) to which a cover plate could be attached. The details of the design are shown in image 4.

Once made up, the aluminium covers were given a coat of rubberised paint to match the underside of the wings. Also self-adhesive rubber sealing strips were used along the edges (except for a gap at the bottom) to seal against the underside of the wing.

Click this icon for a PDF version of the Rear Light Covers which you are free to download.

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