Quick Run

A quick run to keep Dobby active and check the effects of the recent service. All OK.

Replacement Gauge

A new dual gauge (oil pressure & water temperature) was fitted and a quick test run confirmed all is now working.

Test Run

A brief 16 mile run to check everything (including the temerature gauge) after the service. All OK apart from the gauge.

Service time

After a short run to warm up the oil, I started a service, completing it over a few days. I also changed the coolant, the brake fluid and the clutch fluid. The radiator cap was also past its best so was renewed and the temperature gauge decided to abandon communication so that will also be replaced.

Drive-It Day run

National Drive-It day is celebrated by the FBHVC and was the perfect excuse to take Dobby out for a (slightly extended) 30 mile run. The weather even behaved itself, remaining dry and sunny albeit rather windy.

Favourite Run

A quick run in the sun - Dobby's favourite 23 mile one, to keep him active.

Stretching Dobby's legs in the spring sunshine

A chance to enjoy the spring sunshine and stretch Dobby's legs (or should that be wheels). A very pleasant 35 mile run keeping within Hertfordshire. Now, of course, he needs a clean as the roads still had plenty of run-off from the fields. We even crossed a ford (which wasn't there last time we went that way).

Quick Run

A quick run to try to keep Dobby going. He was very reluctant to start in the cold but once out in the sunshine, he went fine and enjoyed an 18 mile run on fairly major roads.

Christmas Exercise

A lovely sunny morning (for a change) so a chance to take Dobby for an exercise drive, keeping mostly to main roads to avoid the worst of the standing water. He was a bit reluctant to start but enjoyed it once we got going and the sun stayed out for almost the whole 30 miles.

Pre-lockdown dash

At last! Some sunshine following what seems to be weeks of rain. Just in time to do a last minute dash around Hertfordshire before National lockdown. Although I say dash, it was not particularly speedy - 30 miles took 75 minutes due mainly to a diversion which took me much nearer to the M25 (which was like treacle) than I would have chosen. Ah well, at least Dobby had a breath of fresh air!

News app revised

If you look here often you will notice the different style of this page. I'm using a new app to present the latest news of Dobby.

Quick Run

A quick relaxed run while the rain holds off for most of the day, keeping to the drier roads.

Holiday in North Devon

Managing to pick a lovely week, we took a well-earned break in North Devon. Dobby covered just over 700 miles while we visited places on the coast such as Ilfracombe, Woolacombe, Westward Ho!, Lynton & Lynmouth. We also toured Exmoor including Exford, Dunkery Beacon, Dunster, Tarr Steps and Dulverton. The plethora of single track roads combined with steep gradients and sudden bends brought some added excitement to the proceedings – especially when encountering the odd large farm vehicle approaching in the other direction. Dobby made light work of Porlock Hill, a renowned long 1 in 4 hill on the A39 although slightly hot under the bonnet by the top.

Yet another run

Time again to stretch Dobby's legs and this time fill up with petrol ready for our trip to North Devon next week. This was followed by a little tweak to the idling speed.

Pre-MOT run

Another little run, this time to check Dobby over before his MOT tomorrow.

A breath of fresh air!

Time to burst forth - Dobby was feeling very let down because, with all the lovely flowers in everyone's gardens (courtesy of lockdown) and plenty of breezes to blow around all the pollen, I had not driven him because of my hayfever. At last it had abated sufficiently for me to give him a good hour's healthy run of about 27 miles. Dobby feels much better having had some exercise.

Favourite run again

Having completed the service this week and given the spoked wheels their annual shine up, it was lovely to take Dobby out for his favourite (human free) run with a couple of errands thrown in. Dobby is looking forward to being allowed to be with other NGs again.

Service time

Servicing has begun in fits and starts as there seems to be so much else to do.

Gentle Run

Time for another gentle run and then placed ready for Dobby's annual service during the week.

Rainbow Run

Another sunny, human free run to keep up the exercise and show off the Rainbow rally plate.