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13 Bodywork

Body Shell

The NG TF body kit contains a number of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) body parts including the tub and a variety of associated brackets, bolts and other hardware. The GRP body parts fit completely inside the tub for transporting. I collected it with a hired trailer (photo 2) but I understand it would also fit inside a Transit van. Approximate overall dimensions are 250cm x 105cm x 62cm.

The GRP parts (photo 3) are: 

  • main body shell (tub)

  • front & rear wings

  • front radiator cowl

  • rear valance

  • headlamp bowls

Other parts include: 

  • chassis torque braces

  • aluminium bonnet panels

  • front grille

  • steering column extension

  • a host of brackets and fixings

Bulkhead Holes

The first job on the body was to measure, mark and cut a number of holes in the bulkhead and footwell which are detailed in the NG manual (photo 4). A selection of rulers and squares is useful and a permanent OHP (overhead projector) pen is good for marking lines, etc. on the body. These marks can be removed with methylated spirit if a mistake is made but do not rub out accidentally.

A selection of drills and hole saws, a jigsaw and a keyhole saw make it quite straightforward to make the necessary holes and cuts.


Other Body Fitments

The following body related fitments can be found in other relevant sections:

WARNING: Although GRP is easy to drill and cut, the dust produced is an irritant so it is advisable to wear nitrile/latex gloves and goggles. When sanding GRP, it is essential to wear a mask too.

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