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7.1 Steering Particulars

The steering column itself came from the donor vehicle but I partially dismantled it and fitted a new ignition/steering lock. It was fitted to the car with two tailor made brackets supplied by NG. I also found it necessary to shorten the standard MGB dust cover.

Steering Column Brackets

Lower Bracket

I had captive nuts welded into this bracket (not shown in photo 1) so that it is easier to fit the bolts from above the footwell.

Upper Bracket

As can be seen in photo 2, this bracket already had captive nuts. Some elongation of the fixing holes was needed to align the column with the dash.

Steering Column Dust Cover

The MG lower dust cover was too long so I cut it 1/2" from the upper shoulder (photo 3) and re-joined it by locking the larger cone-shaped piece over the smaller (photo 4) - a perfect fit!

Steering Wheel

NG supplied a Moto-Lita steering wheel, boss and central cover with horn push (photo 5). This one is SVA compliant. I think it is appropriate for the car and I like the feel of leather! An NG badge will be fitted to the centre.

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