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Starter Motor (High Torque)

February 2023 (Improvement)

The starting was becoming somewhat lethargic and a deterrent to popping out for runs. I considered this may be partly due to an ageing starter motor which had been reconditioned when I built Dobby nearly 20 years ago. So as well as renewing the various ignition components, I obtained a new Powerlite High-Torque motor. 

Removing the old motor went without a hitch but it proved very tricky to fit the new motor as the lower bolt has very restricted access due to the shape of the high-torque unit. Although an allen key type bolt is supplied with the unit, this is for the upper bolt (being a coarse thread) so I had to obtain a fine threaded allen key bolt. Even with this is was a challenge to tighten due to lack of space between this motor and the engine block. However, the starting seems to have improved significantly.

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