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13.4 Body Particulars

Fusebox Hole

The hole for the fusebox was re-positioned about 5mm further in from the measured position to clear the bonnet side panel bracket. The 10mm hole below is for the windscreen washer pipe (photo 1).


The rear fixing holes for the screen were located using the dimensions in the NG manual. The front pair of holes were then marked using horizontal lines from the rear ones and also checking that the angle of the screen was correct. A pair of rubber gaskets were cut for the bases of the screen pillars (photo 2). The gaskets were then used to mark the positions of a third (hidden) pair of holes which take screws into the screen frame from the underside (photo 3). The pillars were released from the screen so it could be eased into position with the rubber gaskets. Once in position they were re-tightened (photo 4). Note that the bottom rubber seal was removed to make it easier while carrying out all these operations.

Windscreen Chrome Problem

When fitting the windscreen some chrome around a fixing hole was damaged. This was caused by one of the supplied countersunk screws having a burr on the underside which cut into the chrome surface. This would not have mattered (being in the hole) but unfortunately the chrome then began to flake. So to prevent this from happening:

  1. Check the undersides of your supplied screws and use a file if necessary to remove any burrs.

  2. Do not turn the screw in the hole to tighten it but rather hold it still and turn the nut instead.

  3. If the worst happens and some chrome flakes off, use nail varnish to protect and seal the chrome from further effects.

My attempts with nail varnish were poor so I asked the expert (my daughter, Sarah) to perform the operation (photo 5)!

Gear Lever Position

The position of the gear lever cut-out is determined by first drilling a pilot hole as specified in the NG manual and then a better centre position can be estimated by viewing from underneath (with the transmission in place). A hole, large enough to allow the gear lever to be fitted, can then be cut with a holesaw. Next the chrome ring can be positioned centrally around the gear lever (in neutral) and used as a template to mark the final cut which is made with a jigsaw. Finally, the fixing holes were drilled and tapped to take the standard MGB chrome screws (photo 6).

Handbrake Lever Position

Two holes are needed to mount the handbrake bracket (supplied by NG). The large cutout is for the cable lever which drops through to the cable underneath (photo 7). The bracket is mounted on top of the transmission tunnel where there is a slightly flattened area (photo 8). The handbrake then bolts on to this.

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