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8.2 Rear Brakes

Modified Backplate

NG supplied a pair of down-rated wheel cylinders (which are actually as fitted to an MG Midget - these are essential to prevent the back brakes locking up before the front). Each has a roll pin for location on the opposite side compared to the standard MGB one. NG suggest that the pin should be removed and inserted in a new hole drilled into the cylinder. I decided that it would be easier to drill an additional carefully measured hole in the backplate instead (photo 2). These were then reconditioned and attached to the hubs.

New levers, cylinders, adjusters, shoes, springs and reconditioned brake drums were assembled.

Brake Pipe Run

From the new copper brake pipe kit, the two rear sections from the wheel cylinders were routed (by careful bending) to a 3-way union mounted on the front off-side of the rear axle (see photo 3). Sections of rubber tube were used as protective sleeves where the pipes are attached to the axle or where there is any danger of contact.

Rear Brake Hose

A simple L-shaped bracket was attached to the vertical face of the rear floor of the body to secure the brake pipe from the master cylinder. A stainless flexible hose was fitted between this and the 3-way union on the rear axle (see photo 4).

Note that the L-bracket and 3-way union are, in fact, directly in line with each other although this does not appear to be the case in photo 4.

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