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13.2 Front Cowl

The front radiator cowl is fitted with its flange sandwiched between the inner and outer radiator brackets. Some careful measuring was needed here and I also had to cut out the sections around the steering rack (this is normally done before the cowl is supplied by NG).

You can also see (photo 1) the electric fan fitted to the front of the radiator (yes, it pushes the air through from the front). There is also a chrome mesh grille to be fitted later!

Radiator Grille Mountings

The GRP cowl as supplied has no inbuilt fixings for the chrome grille. I first roughened the inside surface to provide a key, then built up 4 pedestals of fibreglass in the corners of the opening (photo 2). I used some half sections of plastic domestic waste pipe to keep them neat.

After some sanding down, I drilled the pedestals and used some stainless self-tapping screws and washers to secure the grill to the cowl (photo 3).

Note: this method of fitting has now been modified using studs - see Radiator Grille in modifications section.

Cowl Badge


A little thought is needed to fit the badge to the front cowl as the central boss is thicker than the cowl's GRP. I decided to make up a ring (from some acrylic) which fits over the boss and clamps the cowl from underneath with the help of a penny washer and 3/8" UNF stud and nut (photo 4).


Badge Fitting

To look correct, the badge must be fitted centrally to the bonnet hinge (photo 5). A thin rubber gasket was made from an old bicycle inner tube and glued to the underside of the badge to protect the paintwork.

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