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14.2 Rear Light Pods

One of the options for the rear lights is to mount them on the wings, which is my preference. I prefer this option as I feel it looks better with the back lighting spread out. It does, however, mean that some fibreglass work must be carried out - a new experience for me!

NG can supply specially shaped GRP "pods" (photo 1) which may be attached to the wings. I chose to fix them in the following way.

I made a template (see below) - first in card, then in plywood - which was used to mark the wings (photo 2). Next the area was cut out slowly and carefully with a jigsaw (photo 3). The holes were then sanded and bevelled on the underneath to allow the pods a neat, flush fit (photo 4). The flanges of the pods were also trimmed to make them ready for "glassing in" (photo 5).


Resin was used on the (roughened) mating surfaces and hammers used as a weight while I applied fibreglass matting to the inner surface of the wing and across the pod flange (photos 6). Some fibreglass filler can then be used to finish off the join on the upper surface.

Light Pod Template

I have made the template I used available for download. The template is in the form of a PDF file and must be printed to the correct scale before use. Please follow the instructions in the PDF file to make sure the size is correct.

The centre line of the template should be placed on the centre of the rear wing (I used 110mm from the inner wing edge). The lowest point on the template should be about 80-100mm above the bottom edge of the wing (I used 95mm).

Click this icon for a PDF version of the Light Pod Template which you are free to download.

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