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23.3 Weather Covers

Tonneau Cover

This is a very practical cover which encloses the cockpit (photo 1). It is supplied complete with a centre zip and should only need the Lift the Dot clips to be fitted using the same method as for the hood.

However, I found it necessary to alter the position of the tonneau steering wheel "glove" as on my tonneau cover it did not match the position of my steering wheel and I have no explanation of why this is the case.

The best option seemed to be to have it moved 1½" further back. With some spare hood material to let in and a sewing machine proficient mother, I was back in business (photo 2)!

Hood Bag

The hood bag is a bit of a misnomer as it is intended only as a cover for the lowered hood frame. It really gives the car a finished look, though, when not using the hood (photo 3).

The Lift the Dot clips were fitted using the same method as for the hood. The hood bag also has a couple of female press studs which need male counterparts fitted to the inside of the body edge on each side.

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