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7.2 Wheel Alignment Tool

To make the tool:

The following pieces were cut from 16mm or 12mm square tube (available from DIY stores).

  1. 8mm holes are drilled as follows:
    A - 20mm from each end (2 holes each on top)
    B - 25mm and 150mm from bottom end (2 holes each on face)
    C - 20mm from each end and in (450mm) centre (3 holes each on face)
    D - in (25mm) centre (1 hole).

  2. Parts A & B are brazed/welded together at right angles (centre of A to end of B).

  3. Parts F & G are brazed/welded together at right angles (centre of G to end of F).

  4. M6 nuts are brazed over the 8mm holes in A to take M6 bolts to grip adjuster.

  5. Additional holes are drilled (parallel to G) in F to allow lower bolt through B & C.

  6. Frame is bolted up as shown with spacer D in centre between stays C which are on opposite sides of uprights B.

Click this icon for a PDF version of the Wheel Alignment Tool which you are free to download.

To use the tool:
  1. Place the tool between the front wheels and behind the axle.

  2. Fix the adjusters E in position so that they touch the inside of the wheel rims (see photo).

  3. Remove the tool carefully and take the outside measurement of the adjusters.

  4. Now place the tool between the front wheels but in front of the axle.

  5. Repeat steps 2 & 3.

  6. Subtract second measurement from first to give the toe in.

  7. Adjust track rods as necessary.

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