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Welcome to my NG Kit Car site

This website is a revised version of my original site, which was written as I built the NG! All the build detail and modifications have been included and added to and presented in a more modern and easier to use format.

Latest News

This website is about NG kit cars


In particular it is about my car (called Dobby) pictured on the right which was built between April 2001 and October 2004. In this website you will find the following:

  • Build Stages: full details about how the car was built including photographs

  • Modifications: details about subsequent changes to the car after completion

  • Gallery: a selection of photographs & videos at NG events

  • Information: including Links to other useful websites and Kit Car related Events and News

I hope you enjoy my web site. Please feel free to send me any feedback via my Contact page.

Photos on this page are courtesy of Compete Kit Car

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