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21.1 Carpets

The carpet sections were supplied ready tailored but required a few tweaks here and there. The order of fitting is as follows.

Transmission Tunnel & Gearbox Cover

This first section is supplied plain so a hole had to be cut for the handbrake lever which was then edged with a piece of the same edging used elsewhere. I also made slits where necessary to allow the seat belt mounting brackets to protrude (photo 1).

To prevent fraying, I brushed the underside of all the carpet edges with some PVA adhesive and left it to dry. The edges were then glued down with spray contact adhesive.

The gearbox section came ready shaped and stitched, though two holes were still needed - this time for the gear lever and the filler plug rubber cover - but neither needed edging. Although the side against the tunnel was ready edged, it needed to be cut and re-edged to improve its position.

The seems along the top of this carpet section are quite thick underneath so gaps were left in the underlay for them to sit in. The whole of this piece is quite fiddly and time is needed to make it look right (photo 2).

Front Footwell

This section is edged around the gearbox and is straight forward needing only some minor trimming each side (photo 3). This is just as well as you have to be a contortionist to reach it. It was glued all over rather than just the edges.

Rear Upright (behind seats)

By contrast, although easy to get to, this section was very technical and lots of measuring and cutting was needed to get the angles right. I started at the centre and worked outwards on one flat section at a time. This piece too (for obvious reasons) was glued all over (photo 4).


Both floor sections came with edging and fitted well. It was just necessary to make holes for the seat fixing bolt spacers and slits for the seat belt brackets (photo 5).

Shelf & Boot

Very little trimming was needed to make the one piece section fit. A slim piece was taken off each side of the shelf by the upholstered sides and a little off one side of the rear end. I also had to cut holes for the fuel filler pipe, the battery, the seat belt mountings and the two bump stop bolts (photo 6).

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