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11.3 Exhaust System

I decided on the Peco 3-piece exhaust system which is recommended by NG and for which they can supply fitting brackets. This is a straight through system of solid quality which gives quite a good ground clearance (essential to me as I have a steep ramp to the garage!). The build manual suggests reducing the bend in the centre section and that it can be done without heat. I could not do it even with heat! Only after cutting a "lemon slice" piece out and applying heat could the pipe be unbent. I reckon the angle has been reduced from about 15 degrees to about 8 degrees and the fit is near perfect. The slit then has to be welded. I am told it is possible to fit one of these with very little adjustment to the bend - in fact when I replaced it (13 years later) I didn't need to change the standard bend in this way.

Exhaust Brackets

The front bracket is the standard MGB bracket and is fixed to the bottom of the bell housing (photo 2).

For the middle bracket, holes were drilled in the chassis plate once the correct position had been determined (i.e. about 10mm clearance between silencer and underside of chassis - photo 3).

For the rear bracket, an L-shaped piece was fabricated from 3mm steel strip, 115mm by 25mm. This was drilled and bent to locate the silencer at the correct distance from the chassis (i.e. bottom of rear end of silencer approx 190mm below underside of chassis - photo 4).

Note: the exhaust has now been replaced by a stainless steel system and some modifications made to the brackets and clamps - see Stainless Steel Exhaust in modifications section.

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