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14.4 Front Wing Brackets

The wing brackets (which are attached to the front inside bolts of the shock absorbers (photo 1) were not high enough to touch the wings at the base of the headlamp bowl recesses. So I bent them slightly and added 8mm spacers (photo 2) to bring them to the right place.

Additional Wing Support Brackets

To improve the stiffness of the front wings I decided to add some additional support brackets as several other builders have done. Although based on other designs, I have formed these without having to perform any welding.

The measurements given (image 3) are those which I used but may, of course, be adjusted to suit. I used 20mm x 4mm steel bar which is readily available from DIY stores.

Part A fits over the front upper wishbone and is fixed with the upper bump stop retaining bolts. Because of the 20 degree angle of the bend, this part sits almost vertical. Part B is fixed at the top end with the rearmost indicator light fixing bolt and connects with part A at the bottom end (the slotted hole giving some degree of adjustment).

Photo 4 shows how the bracket is fitted to the wing. Note that it also provides a convenient place to attach the wiring for the front lights.

Click this icon for a PDF version of the Additional Wing Support Brackets which you are free to download.

Badge Bar

A badge bar fixes to the front brackets through the wings. To determine the position to drill the holes, I used the badge bar (an equal distance from the cowl on both sides) as a template to mark them. Then I drilled small pilot holes to check the alignment with the brackets below. A second set of pilot holes found the correct place so the full bolt holes could be drilled and the badge bar attached (photo 5).

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