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9.1 Oil By-pass Hose

The first oil hose I bought was a lovely stainless steel one but it was much too long and untidy. It took me several attempts to get one which I was finally satisfied with.

After finding the first by-pass hose too long, I obtained a second one in rubber (photo 1) which gave a slightly neater solution. As more components were added, I decided a shorter one with 90 degree ends would be much neater still.

I experimented with some ends and a length of hose with jubilee clips to find the best fit. Then I ordered another stainless steel braided hose to be made up to my own specification (photo 2):

  • 1/2" stainless steel braided oil hose 270mm long

  • 1/2" BSP 90 degree elbows (2)

  • Ends fitted so that the elbows point in the same direction (like an elongated U)

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