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14.1 Running Boards


The front bracket (top) is a little longer than the rear one (bottom) and its top end sits slightly higher (photo 1). This gives a gentle upsweep towards the front wings. The brackets first supplied to me were wrongly bent, so that the shorter one was the higher of the two, but after a phone call to NG a set of replacement brackets arrived the following day.

Tread Strips

The tread strips are supplied as 8 aluminium pieces cut to length with rubber inserts. Photos 2-6 show how the ends are formed (note the ends must be rounded to comply with SVA).

I decided to fit the tread strips to the running boards using small (M3) stainless countersunk machine screws and nuts instead of the suggested rivets. I also made the strips "toe-in" a little because the front of the running board tapers in slightly. This makes it look right.

The third strip from the body hides the running board fixing bolts and I made the strip centres 33mm apart. Each strip is secured with 7 machine screws with centres 110mm apart (that's 56 screws in total!).

After experimenting with the best shape for the rubber ends, I made a small template out of aluminium (photo 6) which I used to trim the 16 ends consistently. The top of each end was also tapered and smoothed off. The rubbers were then worked into the fitted strips in a side to side "fish tail" fashion (a little Vaseline helps them to be manipulated) and pushed well into the ends. Photo 7 shows the finished treads.

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