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23.2 Side Screens

The two side screens are supplied as complete tailored units with separate hinges and hinge strips to attach to the windscreen pillars. The chrome hinge-point strips each need two hinges and two lugs attached so they can fit to the keyhole slots on the side of the windscreen - this was not as easy as it sounded! The hinges come looking like the one on the left of photo 2 -  i.e. too wide and without holes.

After a little head scratching, I worked out that the rear hinge flaps fit on the outside of the actual side screen - this being so that they are free to swivel outwards. The front hinge flaps fit on the inside of the chrome hinge-point strip, so are "sandwiched" between the strip and the side of the windscreen surround (photo 3).

The small screws go from the inside and the hinge must be countersunk so the screw head is flush and clears the windscreen surround (the countersunk holes in the hinge point strips are hidden by the hinges and are superfluous). Photos 3 - 6 show the inside of the strip.

The hinges needed to be cut down to size and then drilled and countersunk to match the threaded holes in the strips. As SS is very hard you need good sharp drill bits & countersink. Also a drill stand makes all the difference. I made the front flaps ½" to match the strips and the rear ones ¾" to get the holes nicely into the metal reinforcing strips in the side screens (photo 4).

A small piece of brass tube is cut to length and secured with a stainless button-head screw to form a post which engages with the keyhole slot in the windscreen. Some "experimentation" was needed to make the post a suitable length (photo 5). The process was repeated for the upper post, though this one has a hole separate from the hinge holes (photo 6).

Once the hinges were assembled, they were fitted to the windscreen and the side screens were offered up with the hood in place. The front edge of the side screen seals against the windscreen pillar and the top edge sits just below the hood lip.

The positions of the hinge holes were marked on the side screen and drilled and the hinge assembly was then fixed to the side screen with stainless screws & nuts (photo 7). The lower edge of the side screen was fitted with Lift the Dot clips in the same way as the hood and tonneau cover.

At this point however, I noticed that the stud which is near the bottom of the screen pillar fouled the reinforcing bar in the side screen so it was relocated 50mm lower.

Each side screen has 2 straps and a flap. The rear strap secures the screen in at the rear making it more sturdy and the other holds the flap shut. The flap is needed to provide access to the outside clips from inside! To complete the screens, press studs were fitted to these straps and body edges (photo 8).

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